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You've made it! But what is this place?
Since you've landed here, I suspect you have some interest in User Experience (UX) Design, what makes a successful online application, or you just want to learn about me. Oh yeah. My name is Barry Pekin. Welcome to my website.
Woman trying to drown out painful noises and distractions by covering her ears Honestly. There's so much noise and distraction on the Internet, it's amazing we can find anything of value. Thankfully, I believe you've found something that isn't a complete waste of your time. Yeah, I'm biased - I recognize that. But since you're here and you've managed to read at least these few words, I'd appreciate it if you'd read just a bit more so I can explain. I'll keep it brief.
Excellent. Thank you! I appreciate your time!
I've been a software developer (currently a senior applications architect) for my entire professional life. I firmly believe that a good solution has to flawlessly perform the functions it's designed for, it has to be extremely secure, and it has to be a pleasant and intuitive experience for the user.
This website showcases my thoughts on successful solutions, presents you with a few examples of my work (much of which is assignments from a current collection of courses I'm taking in UX Design), and also gives you some insight into who I am.
Thank you for taking the time to look around, and please be sure to contact me with any feedback, questions, or just to say Hi. I look forward to hearing from you.